Farming: The heartbeat of Nannilam

Nannilam is envisaged as an eco-community where farming forms the core and all other activities in and around sprout from the same. The name ‘Nannilam’ means a place that nurtures good practices, leading to a sustainable and bountiful Earth.

Therefore, at Nannilam, we envision a process where the agricultural practices and the ecology of the area go hand-in-glove. Through this process of practising agroecology, we hope to rejuvenate the soil and ecosystem by bringing a permaculture system where all the activities yield a naturally healthy living model.

In this respect, Nannilam is projected to be a prototype for a rather larger movement which might establish Kalvarayan Hills as a hub for farmers, agriculturists, various other related professionals and tourists.

In the farming zone of Nannilam, varieties of fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses shall be grown in the permaculture manner, alongside other related activities such as honey collection, dairy production. The produce grown at the plots will be sold directly to consumers in urban areas, the revenue of which shall be shared amongst the plot owners. By following a Direct to Customer (D2C) model for all the produce from Nannilam, the project aims to create a niche for itself among the consumers, who prefer healthy and organic nutrition.

We (the promoters) aim to carry out agricultural activities and farming on behalf of the plot owners. This shall be accomplished by either directly employing workers on a wage-basis or via a unique revenue sharing model. Such an approach also opens up opportunities for the locals, especially for the farmers and youth of the region.