Cultivating Wellness

At Nannilam, we believe that health is a way of life, not just an aspiration. As a step towards promoting such a lifestyle, we aim to set up a wellness academy at Nannilam that will pursue, teach and practice various ancient medicinal and wellness disciplines such as Siddha, Ayurveda, Naturopathy among others.

Natural healing methods have been gaining popularity due to their effectiveness in treating a range of problems associated with the modern lifestyle. These methods usually include treatments through yoga, meditation, massage, diet and herbs.

Supported by the bountiful land and favourable conditions, Nannilam will be home to a diverse range of trees, medicinal plants and herbs which will cater to the activities related to the wellness academy. It is needless to say that the fruits of some of these plants also double up as food. Growing and consuming our own organic fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals etc. is just another way of living the maxim “Food is medicine”.

The wellness zone will host various health retreats and offer insights about general health and well-being practices for the Nannilam residents and long-term visitors. A smaller branch of the wellness academy will entail an out-patient centre, which shall be open to the locals, farm workers and short-term visitors for general consultations. In addition, the wellness academy will also engage in treatment of problems (injuries, diseases etc.) in animals through natural medicine.

To develop the wellness academy further, we wish to collaborate with several wellness centres around the world. Moreover, the medicinal plants cultivated at Nannilam shall be made available in usable medicinal form for purchase after certification by the appropriate authorities.