Learn from the Land first hand

We all have a hidden passion for agriculture, but have sidelined it, owing to the hectic urban lifestyle. Nannilam wishes to rekindle your inner farmer with none or very minimal investment risk. With an integrated agriculture model that we plan to develop, we wish to encourage your foray into agriculture without having to own the land.

Hobby farming at Nannilam shall be open to everyone who wish to try their hand at this divine activity. Visit us at Nannilam, take a plot of your choice on rent and get started. Agriculture can be fun, you might know at Nannilam, with a structured do-it-yourself environs and guidance from in-house experts and resources available at the beck of a call.

We would be happy to support you, in not just the execution of the experimental agricultural project, but even in its upscale. Sow your first seeds here and reap the larger benefits in the long run, perhaps, on your own private farm.