Learning and Development

At Nannilam, while the main focus is on agriculture and related activities, we also wish to bring in other forms of learning and development to expand our horizon.

The idea is to create a space to nurture eco-friendly crafts such as bamboo furniture making, areca palm leaf container making, products with mud and cow dung, spinning, weaving and dyeing. Other processes such as honey collection and processing, extraction of natural dyes from plants, making of value added products shall also form a part of this space. We envision these spaces to grow into ‘Centres of Excellence’ where the ideas, technologies, processes involved in these crafts, activities and disciplines shall be made accessible to people for learning and practicing.

Learning and development of these forms shall be facilitated through visits by experts and in-house expert teams. This will add to the revenue generation of Nannilam, and also develop the required skill set in interested people such as the locals, visitors and students. Those who wish to take up any of the crafts or processing as a hobby are also welcome to be a part of these activities at Nannilam.