Live as Nature’s guests

Nannilam Eco-community is not only a home for us, it is also a safe haven for the flora and fauna. A host of amenities would be realized to cater to these ambitious goals.

The Living zone is one such area for the residents and guests of Nannilam. Spanning 4-acres, it will consist of eco-friendly houses built with locally-sourced, sustainable materials. The Living Zone will also be landscaped with native plants and trees that require less resources, some of which would have herbal and curative properties.

A community kitchen and dining area will be built for getting together over healthy meals and hearty conversations. A major portion of the food served at Nannilam will be made with our own organic farm produce

As a step towards sustainable and regenerative living, rainwater harvesting would be done at Nannilam which will replenish not just ground water, but also cater to the home needs. Power will be provided from solar farms and windmills. For optimum consumption, Energy-saving devices will be installed. Used water from homes and common areas would be treated using natural methods and reused wherever suitable