Non Profit: Supporting Communities and the local Environment

The best practices learnt, developed and followed at Nannilam would be shared with the farmers in the region. Through outreach and welfare programmes, Nannilam would take special care and efforts that focus on the local farmers, communities and the environment of the Kalrayan Hills.

Some initiatives include encouraging the farmers to follow the permaculture system of farming by training them through courses at the farm school, providing them with seeds of the native species from the seed bank of Nannilam, imparting knowledge about technologies and equipment beneficial in agriculture, and helping them market their produce.

The aim is not only to uplift the existing farmers, but also to inspire the youth of the region to pursue agriculture by showcasing the benefits of permaculture, regenerative farming.

In addition, we wish to establish ‘Nannilam Centre for Care of the Kalrayans’ which will undertake activities that engage the locals, especially the youth, in useful, relevant and much needed ways for fostering awareness about the ecology of the hills. The idea is for the local youth to become the ecological ambassadors of the Kalrayan Hills.

The ‘Nannilam Centre for Care of the Kalrayans’ will invest in the training of local youth from the Kalrayan Hills in the areas of waste management, soil and water conservation, ecological preservation and restoration, and similar activities that focus on the environmental management and upkeep. The training will assist them in developing a scientific temperament to carry out conservation measures. These activities shall also serve as enterprise-livelihood models for the locals once the knowledge is imparted through training.