The School of Holistic Farming

The woes of the agriculture sector are known too well, but with our expertise and your enthusiasm, we can set a living, sustainable and regenerative example. Together, we can spread more knowledge and debunk the misconceptions that surround agriculture, while ensuring that our upcoming generations carry these activities forward. Nannilam’s Farm School will aid in this crucial mission by aligning its curriculum and activities with the National Skill Development Scheme.

The Farm School will offer short-and-medium term courses which will provide a holistic, practical learning experience, under the able tutelage of full-time and part-time experts and faculty. Those who wish to explore agriculture as an interest or hobby can take up one/two-day workshops, the learnings of which may be applied in a limited size urban setting. Those who would like to learn in detail and practice agriculture, may prefer the 3-6 month course. The curriculum will also host courses that benefit the farmers of the region and other interested members from society at large.

Students of the Farm School will be able to collaborate with academia and industry from in and around Salem, to gain first-hand subject matter expertise. The curriculum will be structured by taking inspiration and collaborating with various institutions across the globe.

Moreover, trained professionals, who undertake courses at Nannilam can choose to work in-house or take up opportunities offered via campus placements or work at their own farm. As alumni of this school, they can make the most of continuous learning opportunities to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Meritorious students with a self-starter attitude may be made partners in various allied projects initiated by Nannilam.