Value added products

At Nannilam, we will carry out processing and value-addition to our farm produce, and make them available in the open market. Jams, spreads, preserves, pickles, honey, spices, coffee, herbs, and snacks from Nannilam would have a fairly short shelf life, but be rest assured that they would be too irresistible to keep for too long. Our products will stand-out, thanks to their maximum nutrition value, as a result of organic and regenerative farming, coupled with minimal or no use of preservatives

Made on-demand, in small batches, with organic produce sourced from Nannilam and nearby farms, our products will maintain the highest of quality standards, while retaining the goodness of its organic nature. Since seeing is believing, you’re most welcome to witness how the produce is harvested at farms, and undergoes the transformation from farm to fork at our processing centres.