Live as
Nature’s guests

All distinct parts come together to make a
whole! The project area is planned in suitable
zones to provide each function with its own
space & identity yet interconnected in spirit.

Value Addition Zone

Health & Wellbeing is the real Wealth Local Economic Ecosystem Integration Economic Outreach: Local to Global Markets Support for organic food growing & value addition

Growing Zone

Nature Regeneration Whole System Approach to Design Local Organic Food & Nutrient Cycle Green Building Design & Construction

Learning Zone

Holistic world view
Farm Community
Cultural Eco-system
Building on the local cultural ethos& co-existence living practices of TamilNadu

Experience Zone

Self – Society – Environment Wellbeing Celebrating Diverse Community Living Art in all its varied forms & skills to be nourished


Own your acre

Wealth earned from ploughing will not fail

At Kalvaryan we wish to create a sustainable community that values, nurtures and cherishes the earth. 120 acres of managed farm land being dedicated to an unfolding vision of holistic wellbeing & connected eco farm community.
One-acre farm land is cultivated by natural farming to grow organic food produce. Be a pioneer in the fast emerging sustainable agro-business models, with professionally managed quality organic farming, support service and access to food processing and market networks.


Rejuvenating Farm Stay

Experience the joy of a natural living environment & enjoy the food that is truly nourishing your body & emotions. You can plan long or short term stay at our sustainable eco friendly villas situated at the living Zone. Fully equipped to offer rejuvenating living experiences for a farm stay. Healthy organic food from our farm. A fine blend of naturally healthy & comfortable living.


Let us Together Start a Journey

You will have Immense growth, If you are surrounded with caring Environment & people

Nannilam experiential farm Community in the kalvarayan hills, is Planned as co-creation ecosystem to Experience both; true health & real Wealth for oneself & cultivating the Spirit of a caring community with Like-minded people . A pure natural living environment, providing the foundation for spiritual and material well-being.Rooted in cultural values with global outlook, this makes for a great investment into your future.


Farming: The heartbeat of Nannilam

Nannilam is envisaged as an eco-community where farming forms the core and all other activities in and around sprout from the same. The name ‘Nannilam’ means a place that nurtures good practices, leading to a sustainable and bountiful Earth.

Cultivating Wellness

At Nannilam, we believe that health is a way of life, not just an aspiration. As a step towards promoting such a lifestyle, we aim to set up a wellness academy at Nannilam that will pursue, teach and practice various ancient medicinal and wellness disciplines such as Siddha, Ayurveda, Naturopathy among others.


Biodiversity at Nannilam

Nannilam is home to a variety of flora, with almost 75 different species, including a range of native species with beneficial properties. The idea is to preserve and enhance the biodiversity of Nannilam, towards which multiple initiatives shall be taken.

The School of Holistic Farming

Learn from the Land first hand

Nature as your new Work space