Embracing the Gateway to
a Sustainable Future

Nannilam Eco Village is a platform that strives to create a better future for people and the environment.It is a living prototype of a holistic ecosystem deepening people’s connection with health, wealth, and soil.

Nannilam is a collaborative journey towards creating a conscious and sustainable restoration of our social and ecological environments. The goal is to build a co-creative community that fosters collaboration, creativity, and harmony. By developing an open-source regenerative ecosystem, Nannilam aims to enable various sustainable practices that can be replicated throughout the region, including holistic farming, community living, natural housing, centers of excellence in various sustainability disciplines like permaculture, agroecology, arco-logy, energy conservation, etc.

This project is an honest effort to provide a living prototype of a community in which each person experiences a deepening awareness of their connection with the Nilam, Valam, and Nalam (health, wealth, and soil). Come be part of this transformative journey. Where we explore the practices and values that guide our way of life, and discover how you too can be a part of this transformative journey.

Our Foundations

Embark on a new journey towards a fulfilling chapter of life at Nannilam – Where meaningful experiences
and endless opportunities await you.

     -     ECOLOGY Growing Zone      -     CULTURE Learning Zone      -     SOCIETY Experience Zone      -     ECONOMY Value Addition Zone            -           Farming            -           Biodiversity & Ecology            -           Dairy Farming            -           Green Enterprises            -           Farmversity            -           Wellness            -           Better Builds            -           Eco village experience            -           Co-working Spaces            -           Art & Culture            -           Own an Acre
     -     ECOLOGY Growing Zone      -     CULTURE Learning Zone      -     SOCIETY Experience Zone      -     ECONOMY Value Addition Zone


“Our vision is to build a world that
demonstrates an alternative way of living
that is environmentally, economically, and
socially sustainable, and inspires others to
do the same.”


Our Mission is to create a self-sustaining
regenerative community which fosters learning, creation
innovation and experimentation to be able to tackle
social, economic, and environmental challenges with
enlightened solutions serving as living laboratories for
sustainable development and social transformation


The Kalvarayan Hills, situated in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India, are a breathtaking natural wonder, with vibrant vegetation
and unique fauna exclusive to the region. During the monsoon season, the hills transform into a lush wonderland,bursting with wildflowers and
greenery, offering a front-row seat to the season of growth and rejuvenation.The hills are home to a diverse range of
native trees,wildlife, as well as a plethora of medicinal plants and herbs that have been used for centuries by
local communities for their healing properties.

The Kalvarayan Hills not only boast breathtaking natural beauty but also hold great cultural and historical importance. They have been
home to the indigenous tribe known as “The Malayalis,” who possess a deep-rooted and significant cultural heritage.
Their presence adds a unique and enriching dimension to the region’s identity.


At Nannilam, we value our stakeholders and strive to build long-lasting partnerships based on trust, transparency,
and a shared vision toward better living.


Invest in sustainable agriculture at Nannilam and own one acre of our farmland to pioneer permaculture-based cultivation for a greener future.

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Join our dedicated team of volunteers at Nannilam and make a positive impact on the lives of our residents, creating a warm and welcoming community that feels like home.

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At Nannilam, we offer a unique and rewarding internship program that provides valuable experience in the field of retirement living and opportunities to contribute towards creating a better future.

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Join us as a co-creator to contribute your expertise and ideas in shaping a sustainable future for people and the environment at Nannilam.

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Join the Team

Join our team at Nannilam Eco Village to contribute your skills and ideas towards our shared sustainable mission and create a better future.

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We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming
treehouse workshop. This hands-on learning
experience is perfect for anyone interested in
the art of building a treehouse whether you’re
a seasoned pro or a complete beginner.
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We are excited to invite you to our
upcoming Mud Wattle and Daub Workshop,
where you will have the opportunity to
learn about traditional building
techniques and sustainable
construction practices.
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