Thriving Together, Sustaining Tomorrow:
Nannilam’s Cooperative Economy

Value Addition Zone

Nannilam is dedicated to cultivating a cooperative economy that thrives on shared resources and regenerative practices. By embracing organic farming, sustainable tourism, and creating green enterprises, we generate income while staying true to our values. We prioritize education and training, fostering a skilled workforce and promoting sustainable living. Sharing resources and embracing renewable practices, we become a hub for green businesses, creating local job opportunities and building a healthier economy. Together, we achieve economic independence, resilience, and a sustainable future.

Nannilam is dedicated to fostering an economy that is cooperative and mutually supportive, rather than one that is solely based on competition and profit. The community employs various practices, such as shared resources, cooperative businesses, and regenerative agriculture, to meet its needs and decrease its dependence on external markets. Through these practices, Nannilam aims to create a more resilient and self-sufficient economy that is in harmony with the natural environment.

Achieving economic independence and reducing dependence on external resources are key goals for Nannilam. This provides the community with the freedom to experiment and research more on indigenous cultures and practices. Any surplus income generated by the community’s economic activities will be used for maintenance or reinvested back into the community for new creative projects. This ensures the long-term sustainability and vitality of the community.

several ways in which Nannilam will achieve economic viability

  • organic farming

    The community plans to grow and sell organic produce, such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, to local markets, restaurants, and co-ops. We also create Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, where members of the community will purchase a share of the farm’s harvest in advance.

  • Another way to generate income

    Nannilam will attract visitors by offering eco-tourism experiences, such as guided nature hikes, farm tours, and stays at various natural buildings and healing centers. By charging a fee for these experiences, Nannilam will generate income while also educating visitors about sustainable living practices.

  • create micro green enterprises & local economy

    Nannilam also plans to create micro green enterprises and centers of excellence that support the local economy, such as natural building cooperatives, renewable energy cooperatives, waste management, value-added products, artisanal crafts, etc. By creating such enterprises that align with the values of the community, we aim to generate income while also creating jobs for community members. Nannilam also partners with local businesses or corporations to create formal partnerships or informal collaborations, such as sharing resources or providing services to one another.

  • Education and training

    Education and training are also essential for promoting sustainable living practices in the community. Nannilam will offer workshops and educational training on permaculture, natural building, renewable energy harnessing, community living,various skill building etc. Additionally, We also provide a facility for others to host workshops. Providing training and education for individuals interested in pursuing green jobs further enhances the local workforce and promotes a sustainable future.

  • Sharing resources

    Sharing resources is another way for Nannilam to reduce expenses and become more financially independent. Residents can share tools, vehicles, equipment, living spaces, and community spaces. By pooling resources, we can reduce costs and become more financially sustainable.

Finally, by embracing sustainable practices and utilizing renewable resources, Nannilam will become a hub for green businesses, such as organic farming, renewable energy installation, and eco-tourism. This not only creates job opportunities for the local community but also promotes the use of environmentally friendly practices and products, leading to a healthier and more conscious economy.


The Kalvarayan Hills, situated in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, India, are a breathtaking natural wonder, with vibrant vegetation and unique fauna exclusive to the region. During the monsoon season, the hills transform into a lush wonderland, bursting with wildflowers and greenery, offering a front-row seat to the season of growth and rejuvenation. The hills are home to a diverse range of wildlife, including tigers, leopards, monkeys, and exotic birds, as well as a plethora of medicinal plants and herbs that have been used for centuries by local communities for their healing properties.

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We vision a world where everything is interconnected, from the smallest cells to the vast expanses of the cosmos, working together as part of a greater whole. We understand that the evolution of single-celled organisms into multicellular beings has opened up new possibilities for perception and movement, allowing for more complex and sophisticated interactions.

Our dream is to create such a multicultural and collaborative community that celebrates diversity and brings together various paths, practices & perceptions from different disciplines to create a sanctuary for those who seek a contemplative and purposeful way of life, where individuals can explore the depths of their own being, simplify and refine their existence, and chart a course of self-improvement that is both meaningful and sustainable.

We believe that by working together, we can build a society that values collaboration-compassion, love & innovation creating new pathways to an eco-cultural evolution that can ensure the future of humanity forever.


At NANNILAM, we strive to promote positive eco-social culture across the globe by establishing a global eco-village model that serves as both a living laboratory and educational seed bank for knowledge and wisdom. As our planet undergoes changes,The Nannilam Experiment seeks to inspire and educate communities to develop regionally appropriate cultures that coexist with their environment.

Our ultimate mission is to facilitate the evolution of a sustainable human culture by sharing intelligent and environmentally responsible solutions. To achieve this, we plan to establish research centers and centers of excellence that provide an open replicable platform for knowledge exchange, allowing indigenous knowledge to gain global exposure and for global knowledge to be accessed locally, benefiting everyone.

Our aim is to encourage individuals to recognize the fundamental connection between themselves, other species, and the shared environment. We believe that by nurturing meaningful relationships and seeding better ideas in the minds and hearts of young people in communities, sustainable solutions shall grow and spread beyond the boundaries of our project, creating ripples of positive change. Our hope is that these ripples will make a world of difference creating a collective wave of positive change that transforms the world for the better.

The Team

We are a team of enthusiasts, united by our vision – sharing the knowledge of sustainable
ecosystems globally.
We intend to realise our dream in our pilot project, Nannilam.