Rejuvenating Farm Stay

Experience the joy of a natural living environment & enjoy the food that is truly nourishing your body & emotions. You can plan long or short term stay at our sustainable eco friendly villas situated at the living Zone

Fully equipped to offer rejuvenating living experiences for a farm stay. Healthy organic food from our farm. A fine blend of naturally healthy & comfortable living.

Sarvodaya: Universal Upliftment

Once the help is Rendered to the needy Do not wait for any return of gratitude,
For the coconut palm that takes water In roots, delivers it later as sweet juice at the top

Vision is to create ‘Centers of Excellence’ in following fields to enable co-creation learning & sharing environment Towards this, a Non-Profit Organisation would be an integral part of the project eco-system.Vision is to collaborate & engage with neighbouring farmers & young enterprising persons to create local economic system. Products would be created with great care, highest hygienic quality & love!