ECONOMY Value Addition Zone

Nannilam is dedicated to fostering an economy that is cooperative and mutually supportive, rather than one that is solely based on competition and profit. The community employs various practices, such as shared resources, cooperative businesses, and regenerative agriculture, to meet its needs and decrease its dependence on external markets. Through these practices, Nannilam aims to create a more resilient and self-sufficient economy that is in harmony with the natural environment.

Achieving economic independence and reducing dependence on external resources are key goals for Nannilam. This provides the community with the freedom to experiment and research more on indigenous cultures and practices. Any surplus income generated by the community’s economic activities will be used for maintenance or reinvested back into the community for new creative projects. This ensures the long-term sustainability and vitality of the community.

There are several ways in which Nannilam will achieve economic viability. One of these is through organic farming. The community plans to grow and sell organic produce, such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, to local markets, restaurants, and co-ops. We also create Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, where members of the community will purchase a share of the farm’s harvest in advance.

Another way to generate income is through sustainable tourism. Nannilam will attract visitors by offering eco-tourism experiences, such as guided nature hikes, farm tours, and stays at various natural buildings and healing centers. By charging a fee for these experiences, Nannilam will generate income while also educating visitors about sustainable living practices.

Nannilam also plans to create micro green enterprises and centers of excellence that support the local economy, such as natural building cooperatives, renewable energy cooperatives, waste management, value-added products, artisanal crafts, etc. By creating such enterprises that align with the values of the community, we aim to generate income while also creating jobs for community members. Nannilam also partners with local businesses or corporations to create formal partnerships or informal collaborations, such as sharing resources or providing services to one another.

Education and training are also essential for promoting sustainable living practices in the community. Nannilam will offer workshops and educational training on permaculture, natural building, renewable energy harnessing, community living,various skill building etc. Additionally, We also provide a facility for others to host workshops. Providing training and education for individuals interested in pursuing green jobs further enhances the local workforce and promotes a sustainable future.

Sharing resources is another way for Nannilam to reduce expenses and become more financially independent. Residents can share tools, vehicles, equipment, living spaces, and community spaces. By pooling resources, we can reduce costs and become more financially sustainable.

Finally, by embracing sustainable practices and utilizing renewable resources, Nannilam will become a hub for green businesses, such as organic farming, renewable energy installation, and eco-tourism. This not only creates job opportunities for the local community but also promotes the use of environmentally friendly practices and products, leading to a healthier and more conscious economy.