Our Mission

At NANNILAM, we strive to promote positive eco-social culture across the globe by establishing a global eco-village model that serves as both a living laboratory and educational seed bank for knowledge and wisdom. As our planet undergoes changes,The Nannilam Experiment seeks to inspire and educate communities to develop regionally appropriate cultures that coexist with their environment. Our ultimate mission is to facilitate the evolution of a sustainable human culture by sharing intelligent and environmentally responsible solutions. To achieve this, we plan to establish research centers and centers of excellence that provide an open replicable platform for knowledge exchange, allowing indigenous knowledge to gain global exposure and for global knowledge to be accessed locally, benefiting everyone.

Our aim is to encourage individuals to recognize the fundamental connection between themselves, other species, and the shared environment. We believe that by nurturing meaningful relationships and seeding better ideas in the minds and hearts of young people in communities, sustainable solutions shall grow and spread beyond the boundaries of our project, creating ripples of positive change. Our hope is that these ripples will make a world of difference creating a collective wave of positive change that transforms the world for the better.